Katchawanooka Resort offers a beach with natural sand where children can play for hours on end, and for the older children and adults rafts and docks to dive from.


All of these activities are included in your holiday.

Golf course within 2 Kms.of the resort.

Having all these facilities enables families to plan their own fun activities together, such as shuffle board tournaments, fishing contests, water balloon contests, fish derbies, ping pong tournaments, volleyball matches and much more.

As Jamie Gray, our long-time and valued guest, puts it “where else can you go to escape the city and all the technology that goes along with it. Where else have you seen groups of kids from 5-19 playing flashlight tag together.”

Or as Mckenna, who stayed at the resort this summer, points out “there are always fun things. And you never run out of things to do.”

Sholeh Nowroozi
1865 Fire Route 56
Lakefield, Ontario  K0L 2H0
Phone: (705) 652-3242

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